Winter Preparation

The domestic water and sewer lines for the units in Gold City run through each unit. It is essential for protection from freezing pipes that there is heat in the crawl space. The design of the units includes vents to the crawlspaces. The temperature in the crawl space areas just needs to be above zero. To do this you do not need to adjust your home temperature setting, but you are required to complete the maintenance to ensure your unit is prepared for winter weather . A summary of responsibilities is provided below.

Owner To Do List:

Crawl Space

  1. Check heating vents to the crawlspace in September and early October to ensure they are opened to the crawlspace area.
  2. Check the crawlspace area to see if there is excessive water.
  3. Check to see if there are large gaps or openings in the skirting around the unit. You do

    not want wind or snow to enter the crawlspace.

  4. Be sure the access to your unit is tightly sealed.
  5. When you are away in winter, it is your responsibility to have your unit checked at least once daily and this person should be running water and checking to make sure your heat is on.
  6. Be sure that the water circulation pump is turned on.


1. Consider having your furnace serviced to make sure it is in good working order.

2. Insure that the furnace area is kept clear of any debris

Pellet Stoves

  1. Consider having your Pellet Stove serviced to make sure it is in good working order.
  2. Insure that any pellets kept inside is not near any heat source
  3. Insure that the furnace area is kept clear of any debris

Hot Water Tanks

  1. Consider having your hot water tank serviced to make sure it is in good working order.
  2. Be sure to check your water heater and replace the sacrificial anode as required.
  3. Due to the short life expectancy of hot water heaters in the North, consider having your tank replaced if it is 5 years or older.
  4. If you replace your hot water tank, ensure it includes a drip tray that includes a line to your sewer to prevent water from entering your basement or the crawl space.

Outside Water Tap

1. Remove the hoses and store them for the winter.

2. Turn off the inside water tap that is going to the outside water tap first. Then open the outside water tap to make sure all water is drained.

3. Turn off the outside water tap.

General Information

1. If you will be away from your Unit, daily checks are required as stated in our By-laws and insurance policies. When it is colder than -30, two checks a day is recommended. Your house sitter should be checking your:

  • furnace to ensure it is on
  • hot water tank make sure there is no leaks and works
  • Flushing toilets
  • Running water taps
  • fridge and freezer

Do’s & Don’t

  1. Do keep your driveway, Deck & stairways clear of snow.This includes the back stairs if you have them, Balcony, lower deck.
  2. Do keep a clear pathway to your back fence gate
  3. Do get your furnace serviced professionally yearly (Stated above)
  4. Do get your hot water tank serviced professionally yearly
  5. Do get your pellet stove serviced professionally yearly (If you have one)
  6. Do get your Heat ducts & Dryer Vent serviced professionally yearly
  7. Do check all outside electrical GFI sockets to make sure they are in good working order
  8. Do have a basic ABC fire extinguisher in your house
  9. Do have a Fire Safety plan. The City of Yellowknife has a brief but informative basic fire prevention steps.

10.  Don’t use a broken outside electrical GFI socket

  1. Don’t run an extension cord from the inside of the garage to the outside so you can plug in your vehicle
  2. Don’t plug in your vehicle while it is inside the garage
  3. Don’t leave any seasonal lights plugged in all the time indoor or outdoor especially when you are not home
  4. Don’t leave candles on especially when you are not home
  5. Don’t run your vehicle inside the garage with the garage door closed, 1/4 open or 1/2 open.

Children Playing

Children play imaginatively and creatively in various different ways based on many factors such as age, play environment, toys, friends etc.  Play grounds and outdoor play equipment offer kids fresh air, exercise, freedom.  Kids should always have adult supervision.  Young kids (and sometimes older ones) can’t always gauge distances properly and aren’t capable of foreseeing dangerous situation by themselves.

Our little condominium provides a circle of joy for the children.  The play ground doesn’t hold them for long.  So this means they venture off to the road ways and behind trees, propane tanks, cars.

Please talk to your children about playing save.  Looking both ways on the road, having a look out, adult supervision, bright clothing etc.   The road around the circle is still a road where vehicles come up and go down.  The board ask this of everyone including the children and our visitors to respect the speed sign, the one way sign.

Play is an important part of kids' physical, social, intellectual, and emotional development. Following these safety tips will help your kids play as safely as possible.


Illegal parking on the property has become a significant issue. The Board has contacted the City of Yellowknife’s Bylaw Department who will patrol the property. Anyone parking in marked fire lanes or no parking zones will be ticketed and may be towed at the owner’s expense. Please ensure that any guests or visitors are made aware.

Traffic Flow

Residents are reminded that traffic flows ONE WAY in Gold City Court as our streets are narrow and this is the best way to prevent accidents or injuries to our residents and guests.

Please respect the one way traffic sign.


Please refer to Article 10 (b) (ii) and (iii) of our Bylaws regarding noise and pets.  We'd like to keep Gold City a clean, quiet neighbourhood.
No pet is to do its business in the court - please take your dog elsewhere, and clean up after it, for the health of all Yellowknife residents

Superior Lock In

1-87SUPERIOR (1-877-873-7467 Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 8:00 pm (ET) and Saturday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (ET).

Be sure to check your monthly statement as it comes in, and report problems right away, directly to Superior.