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Condominium Ownership

General GNWT Condominium Information
Buying a Condominium a user’s guide GNWT (Printed March 2009)
Owning a Condominium a user’s guide GNWT (Printed March 2009)

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Contact the Board at GoldCityBoard@gmail.com with your contact information, including: telephone and cell numbers, e-mail and Canada Post mailing details.

CONDOMINIUM FEES – June 1, 2019:   $650/mth
Condominium Fees are due on the 1st of each month.
Payments are to be arranged as monthly direct deposit by completing a Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP) form available at Triton Property Managment.
ONLY Those who have their accounts in good standing are eligible to vote at any meeting of the corporation.


Owner / Tenant Responsibilities (a sampling of…)

  • To ensure cleanliness and maintenance of individual properties, common properties and exclusive areas.
  • To participate in yearly Spring or Fall clean-up sessions.
  • To obtain condominium unit owner insurance and or tenant insurance.
  • To contact the board before making any changes to the outside or your unit, or major renovations to the inside of a unit.
  • To notify the board if you intend to lease your property, leave on holidays (particularly on extended trips);
  • To have a responsible individual check your unit daily for water flow, furnace function and/or any issues whatsoever,
    and deal with these in your absence if you’re away more than 18-24 hours.

Note: Please refer to our Bylaws for a comprehensive list of Board, Owner and Tenant responsibilities (click on Legal (Acts, etc.) on side menu).


Owners and tenants of Gold City get a 10% discount at Home Hardware on select in-stock, non-sale items.  You must provide proof of residence (i.e. a driver’s license with your address).

Yellowknife Direct Charge Co-op (members get discounts at various retailers and services)

Useful Contact Info you may need as an owner:
Superior Propane (gas & repairs to furnace or water) – 867-873-5551

Yellowknife’s Emergency Contact Information:
Ambulance 873-2222
RCMP 669-1111

Please refer to Article 10 (b) (ii) and (iii) of our Bylaws regarding noise and pets.  We’d like to keep Gold City a clean, quiet neighbourhood.
No pet is to do its business in the court – please take your dog elsewhere, and clean up after it, for the health of all Yellowknife residents.

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Yellowknife By-Law (Parking Violations)
Be aware that if a vehicle is parked in a fire lane, it is subject to being ticketed and towed at owner’s expense.